15 Reasons Why You Should Love A Therapist

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15 Reasons to Date a Physical Therapist


1. They get physical, physical… (case closed)

2. They’re usually fit, athletic, and sporty. Which means they’re sexy.

3. Physical therapy is a noble profession. PTs are compassionate. They really care about their patients. Amongst the other health care professions, physical therapy is not known to be lucrative. Nurses graduating with a bachelor of science sometimes make more than PTs graduating with a doctorate. Physical Therapists do what they do because they want to help people get better.

4. Call them Doctor. Almost all physical therapists in the US graduate with a doctorate now.

5. They give great massages. 😉 (Though they’re probably sick of people asking them for massages.)

6. They’re smart. In order to become licensed, they take a ridiculously hard board exam called the NPTE. Their curriculum rival that of medical doctors. Sometimes, physical therapists are smarter than medical doctors and have better bedside manners, hands down.

7. They’re good listeners. Patients complain to them all the time about their pain and other problems.

8. They’ll be available for you. They don’t work crazy hours, normally just the standard nine to five schedule.


9. They’re logical, practical, and objective because they’re all about evidence-based practice.

10. They don’t have ridiculous loans. Their schooling is shorter than a medical doctor’s.

11. They’re not as stressed. They make patients feel better and see results at almost every treatment session. Because their patients are happy, they’re happy.

12. They’re great conversationalists. To be a good therapist, you have to know how establish good rapport with patients.

13. They’re patient. They deal with silly requests from other clinicians. All the time.

14. They’ll take you on creative dates. PTs are always thinking of creative ways to treat their patients.

15. They’ll take care of you, keep you healthy, and treat you when you get hurt. You can’t go wrong with dating a physical therapist 😉

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