Signature Tells About Your Personality…

What your signature tells about your personality…


First Letter as Capital: Using first letter as capital in the signature indicates that the person is talented and ambitious. These people are very lucky and so talented that they can complete all the complex work in their life very easily. This also makes them very famous, effective and very honored in the society.

Artful: An artful signature indicates that the person has talent for dancing, singing, drawing, writing, acting etc. These people begin making fame and money from their childhood. But their old age becomes very struggling.

Continuous: Using continuous flow in the signature without lifting the pen, indicates the capability of doing continuous work. When such people start any work, they fully complete it. Keeping the work in pending is not their nature.

Towards Upside: Making the sign from down to upward, indicates the capability of the person for continued development. They only get their life towards a higher end.

Full Name: People who use their full name in their signature are quite calm in nature. They are also very rigid on any matter.

Using Pen Forward and Reverse Direction: Moving the pen in forward and reverse direction while making signature indicates that the person is very unstable in his/her life. They are unable to take any decision in proper way and also change their decision frequently.

Hidden: People who make their signature by hiding or jumbling the letters are very dangerous. They are very difficult to understand. They normally are very clever, fraudulent and cheaters.

Beautiful Manner: People who sign using first letter as capital and remaining as small with beautiful and clear writing are very attractive, open hearted, honest, dedicated and laborious. This type of person gets the highest post due to his/her hard working nature.

Unclear: The unclear and unreadable signature gives indication that the person is very lazy, frustrated, confused and unsatisfied. These people complete their work in hurry and without proper thinking.

Small Size: The very small size of letters with gaps in between the letters in the signature indicates that the person is very clever, cunning and selfish.

Full Last Name: The person who uses first name as initial and last name as full with a dot below the signature is said to become very lucky.

Underline: Using diagonal underline in the signature, particularly two lines gives indication that the person is very honest, dedicated and dutiful.

Separate Letters: If the letters can be identified separately in the signature then it indicates that the person is very clear minded and has solved life strategies.

Two Dots Below The Sign: These people are considered to be romantic. They prefer beauty in other people and they themselves try to look beautiful.

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source:  http://www. willsolutions. com/ Wills/images/ wills-signature-pen.jpg

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