5 Reasons For Not Eating Instant Noodles

5 Reasons For Not Eating Instant Noodles

eating instant noodles

Instant noodles have become familiar food consumed by the public. The reason is of course because it is practical and easy to serve it, also cheap. Moreover it is quite good to make this snack more and more fans.

But behind the many conveniences offered by instant noodles, it turns out there is more reason not to eat them, especially for children. Instant noodles will never be able to meet the nutrients they need.

If, in urgent situations, then you can add a lot of vegetables in instant noodle that you serve. Condiments are provided in the packaging whatsoever should you replace with natural ingredients only.

Why? Boldsky site alerts you the reasons why you should not consume instant noodle =

  • Reduce nutrient absorption
    Children who are accustomed to eating instant noodles will have difficulty in the absorption of nutrients and other food, which is actually very they need. This is because the content of certain ingredients in instant noodles that have an effect on the ability of digestion.
  • Cancer
    If you eat instant noodles in styrofoam packaging, then the possibility of cancer can happen to you. Styrofoam is known as one of the cancer-causing agents.
  • Affect the body’s metabolism
    In the long run, instant noodle consumption will affect the metabolism of the body. This is due to the accumulation of toxic substances on instant noodles such as food coloring, addictive substance, as well as preservatives in it.
  • Propylene glycol
    In the instant noodles contain any ingredient propylene glycol or anti-freeze. It is an ingredient that is added to make the noodles moist. If it accumulates in the body, then the effect is quite harmful to the body organs such as heartliver, and kidneys. Also weakens the immunesystem.
  • Interfere with digestion
    Instant noodles are often interfere with the digestive system, such as the cause abdominal pain, heartburn, bloating, constipation, or even diarrhea. (Articles of Health Care)
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