Cool Facts


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1. carrots: Jasper of the lens of the eye. Research has shown that the carrots are actually very useful.
2. tomato: its four chambers, heart red and its four chambers: the ventricles and Atria. All recent research confirms that tomato is useful for heart and blood food.
3. grapes: similar to the exterior of the heart. And each grape looks like a blood cell …!! Research has shown that grape is beneficial for the heart and the blood also.
4. nuts: very similar to a brain (brain) and left perinea. Even Convolutional within it. Actually research confirms that eating walnuts contribute to the growth of many neurons that help in the performance of their tasks.
5. beans: Chubb e all the walvasoli of the kidney in the help function.
6. onions: similar to the body’s cells, and research shows that onions help to eliminate body wastes


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