Worst Refined Foods To Avoid.


Worst Refined Foods To Avoid.

Cheese in a Jar – Refined cheese that’s been kept in a jar contains nothing more than a mixture of artificial colors, oil, powdered milk and preservatives with high contents of sodium. You may think ‘queso’ may be good for making appetizers or other dishes, but try buying a ‘Chili Cheese Dip’ and save your body from being harmed.

Frosting in a Can – Every tablespoon of canned frosting can contain up to 70 calories resulting from the usage of trans fats along with corn syrup. Save your cake from being ruined and opt for a homemade frosting of cream cheese.

Chicken Nuggets – You can never be sure of the manufacturing process used to make these nuggets. No matter if you’re eating breast meat or some other part of the chicken; they’re always going to be filled with preservatives and saturated oils. Try eating ‘Baked Chicken Tenders’ for a change (which are not fried).

Drink Mixes in Powdered Form – Drink mixes that are available in powdered form and are loaded with artificial sweeteners and hazardous coloring agents. The amount of actual sugar used in these mixes is also very dangerous. Get some ice tea or lemonade and flavored water instead.

Luncheon Meals inside a Can
Fulfilling your daily protein requirement should not include canned meals that contain heaps of potato starch topped with unhealthy nitrites. Make your own meals by purchasing the finest deli meats available.

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