Seven Habits that Will Make You Happy


Scientists report some people are born happy. Their brains automatically produce feel-good chemicals. But for those who are more apt to see the glass as half empty, don’t despair. Research has also shown if we get into certain happy-making habits, we can bump up our optimism. Here’s how to do it:



Make Lists

Turns out that just letting the day go by is likely to make us blue. Instead, accomplishing even small goals, or working towards them, gives our mood a boost. One caveat: Be easy on yourself. Don’t keep your expectations so high they can’t be met. Create doable goals – and not too many.

Allow Time To Plan Vacations
Two months is ideal. Why? Planning a vacation can give you just as much joy as going on one. In fact, one study showed folks who spend their money on vacations, rather than expensive material goods, rated higher on the happiness scale. There’s no need to blow your budget. A weekend trip to a country cabin may be all you need.


Sort Through Your Friends
It may sound cold, but negative or needy friends make us feel down and stressed. You needn’t drop these friends like hot potatoes, but make it a point to schedule more time with your upbeat buddies.


Find Some New Fun
If your hobby has been knitting, why not branch out and explore a new interest (like hot-air ballooning)? It’s a great way to lift your spirits. Not only does a new passion give you a chance to have new, fun experiences, you can also make new friends and socialize.


Mounting research confirms short naps not only help us concentrate but improve our moods. Squeezing a 10- to 20-minute nap into the middle of your day is all you need.


Countless studies show meditating just fifteen minutes a day boosts mood, lowers blood pressure and creates a more relaxed view of life. You can make your mantra – the word you focus on – “peace” “quiet” or “joy,” whatever word makes you smile.


Make Exercise A Priority
No excuses! Whether you’re trying to lose weight, fight disease or simply boost happiness, exercise should be a non-negotiable. In fact, it might just be the single most important activity to improve your over all wellbeing. If the gym isn’t for you, walk up stairs, or go for a brisk daily walk. Just get moving.

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1 Response to Seven Habits that Will Make You Happy

  1. Sarah Harris says:

    I especially agree with the last one even though sometimes it’s the hardest thing todo. I will try your list idea!

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